The purpose of this dealer toolkit is to provide ESA members with easy to implement resources that can be used to attract and recruit talent to their businesses. The kit will also aid ESA members by providing information on how to retain quality employees.

Recruiting talent is a serious challenge for security companies and will continue to be a challenge for the foreseeable future as our country struggles with a shortage of skilled workers.


Talent Search

Learn how to find your next perfect recruit. Find out where to look, from returning veterans to graduating students. Discover new ways to find talent and learn best practices to communicate with them.

Co-Branded Material

Find valuable co-branded material for your company to attract talent. Download print ads, flyers for career resource centers and much more to aid your business in marketing your brand.

Retention Best Practices

Tips, ideas, and best practices to help you remain competitive and attractive so that employees are less likely to seek out or entertain other opportunities.


Gain access to the 2013 Wage & Salary study conducted by ESA as well as find useful information pertaining to benefit and bonus norms across the industry.

Job Descriptions

Discover lots of ideas and starter job descriptions to help you remain competitive and attractive so that potential candidates will apply to your open positions.

Recruitment Video

ESA has created a dynamic industry recruitment video that you can use on your website or at career fairs!


Post Your Jobs

Job Boards offer easy ways to know for sure that your open position will be seen. Even with the big increase in use of social media to connect with potential employees, job boards continue to have a strong presence in the hiring game.

Leverage Social Medial

With emerging technology and generational changes happening in the workforce, companies are utilizing innovative ways to capture the attention of potential employees.

Find & Utilize Job Fairs

Learn how to find the best job fairs and discover how to set yourself apart to attract the top talent.

Set Up Limited Partnerships

Learn information on how to set up a profit sharing program that can help you develop technicians/installers into partners.

Offer Employee Referral Programs

One way to help get your employees behind the idea of going the extra mile and searching for potential employees is being sure that you give them all the tools so they are all ready to sell for you.


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